1888 and the Covenants – Rejection of Light From Heaven – VIDEO


“. . . Let the truth of God come into your hearts; open the door. Now I tell you here before God, that the covenant question, as it has been presented(by brother Waggoner), is the truth.”( E. G. White, Sermon, March 8, 1890, Battle Creek, Michigan, op. cit., pp. 593, 594, 596.)(brackets added)

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1888 “Light From Heaven” Rejected– The Covenants Issue

Bible studies on the Covenant issues:

The Better Thing

The Better Thing- Heb 11:40 – Righteousness by Faith Through the Covenant of Grace

The Two Covenants

Till the Seed Should Come

Till the Seed Should Come – The Added Law Deception – Galatians 3:19

Origin of the Everlasting Covenant

The Origin of The Everlasting Covenant – God And Christ Before Any Creature Was Created

Spirit of Prophecy – Under the Law

Spirit of Prophecy – “Under the Law”?

Galatians 4 – Under the Law

Galatians 4 – The Bond Children and The Free Children

Jeremiah 31 – The Covenant with Israel and Judah

Jeremiah 31:34 – When is this New Covenant Made with Israel and Judah?

Not Under the Schoolmaster

No Longer Under A Schoolmaster

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