The 1888 Message – “A Most Precious Message”

This page contains almost endless lessons on faith given to Seventh Day Adventists by our Lord in and around 1888 by two messengers. Ellen White labelled it many things including a “message from heaven”, “the loud cry”, the “Latter rain message” ,the “matchless charms of Christ,” “waves of truth,” “God’s working,” “true religion of the Bible,” “message of His grace,” “the call of the Spirit of God,” “every fibre of my heart said amen,” “manifestations of the Holy Spirit,” “meat in due season,” “Christlike spirit,” “like a Christian gentleman,””the voice of the true Shepherd,” “divine credentials,heavenly credentials,” “large morsels from the Lord’s table,” “rich lessons” “lips touched with a live coal,” “feast of fat things” “Heaven-sent refreshing,”

If you are hungry for truth alone on the most important truths regarding the charachter of God and salvation. If you are thirsting for the glimpse of God that will turn the wicked from his ways, then this page is for you. The following is a testimony from J.S Washburn regarding his discussion with Ellen White regarding these 2 men.

“Sister White told me of her Guide in Europe, who had stretched His hands out, and said, “There are mistakes being made on both sides in this controversy.” Then she added that the “Law in Galatians” is not the real issue of the Conference. The real issue is Righteousness by faith! (That apparently to Washburn was a deeper insight than he had yet realized as to the fundamental issue at Minneapolis.) “E.J. Waggoner can teach righteousness by faith more clearly than I can,” said Sister White. “Why, Sister White,” I said, “do you mean to say that E.J. Waggoner can teach it better than you can, with all your experience?” Sister White replied, “Yes, the Lord has given him special light on that question. I have been wanting to bring it out more clearly, but I could not have brought it out as clearly as he did. But when he brought it out at Minneapolis, I recognized it.”

(Signed) True report of Interview, J.S. Washburn

Ellen White’s statements of endorsement can be viewed at the Bottom of this page.

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1888 and the Covenants

Ellen White on the 1888 Message

Ellen G. White Endorsements Of the 1888 Message As Brought by Jones and Waggoner

Ellen White 1888 message Jones waggoner(Preface by the Compiler)

The compiler has from time to time referred to Ellen G. White endorsements of Jones and Waggoner and their message as “about a hundred.” My intent was not to exaggerate, although I must confess I did not then know positively that there were a full hundred. I had at one time counted up roughly 90, and assumed that there must be others that I had not counted.

Recently I was requested by committee members to document the statements available. The best I could do was to get available books and manuscripts around me and dictate them on tape. My secretary has totaled the number at 117.

Two aspects of tremendous emphasis stand out: Ellen White’s enthusiasm for the message and messengers, and the vast repetition and variety of her commendations. Is this not the most unique series of commendations ever expressed in her lifetime, with the exception of her enthusiastic endorsements of the “Midnight Cry” of 1844?

Here is a rough tabulation of the frequency with which certain expressions of endorsement occur in this compilation:

101 times Jones and Waggoner are spoken of as “messengers of God,” or bringing a “message” from God.

33 times they are spoken of as chosen servants of God, special agents, or of having been sent by God.

56 times their message is spoken of as “precious,” “beautiful” or as clear “light from heaven.”

5 times or more Ellen G White mentions “evidence piled upon evidence,” or “convincing evidence” in favor of their work and message.

8 times or more she speaks of their work as either the beginning of the Latter Rain or the beginning of the Loud cry, or the work of the Fourth Angel.

5 times at least there are negative endorsements—-that is, she rebukes various ones for rejecting their message.

9 times at least she compares the reaction against them and their message as like that of the Jews who hated and crucified Christ. Once the word “persecution” is used.

20 or more special expressions of endorsement occur such as “matchless charms of Christ,” “waves of truth,” “God’s working,” “true religion of the Bible,” “message of His grace,” “the call of the Spirit of God,” “every fibre of my heart said amen,” “manifestations of the Holy Spirit,” “meat in due season,” “Christlike spirit,” “like a Christian gentleman,””the voice of the true Shepherd,” “divine credentials,heavenly credentials,” “large morsels from the Lord’s table,” “rich lessons” “lips touched with a live coal,” “feast of fat things” “Heaven-sent refreshing,” etc.

I recognize that occasionally what I have considered to be an endorsement may not readily be so viewed by other readers. So I have taken the liberty to underline the words or phrases that constitute the reason why I selected these various statements as “endorsements.” None of this underlining or emphasis, of course, is in the original. Where one of the numbered statements contains multiple endorsements, I have written an X in the right hand margin. The total number of these (71) brings the grand total of endorsements Ellen G. White wrote or spoke concerning Jones and Waggoner to something like 188, in this collection. (There are others I do not have.)

May I hasten to add that I do not believe, nor have I ever believed, that the multitudinous endorsements of Jones and Waggoner mean that they were “prophets” in any sense of the word or that they were infallible. And it should be noted clearly that these endorsements are limited to the years 1888-97. (I understand that there is one written after the turn of the century that says that Jones ‘ 1893 and 1897 sermons at the Sessions should be reprinted, but I do not have it as yet.) But surely these endorsements add up to a clear mandate for us to study this “most precious message” as a first step toward preparing for the Latter Rain. If that message was as “precious” as Ellen White repeatedly declares it to be, surely it deserves our close attention as the “beginning” of the very blessing we are praying so earnestly to receive—-the Latter Rain.

The reader may wonder if perhaps the compiler selected these statements with a view toward emphasizing the idea that the message of Jones and Waggoner was rejected. Not so; what I did was simply to select every available statement that referred to their message. The fact that often in extremely close context the idea occurs frequently that the message was hated and rejected is completely irrelevant. The historical picture of rejection that emerges from this compilation is unstudied and unintended. Except for initial reports of great blessings received in the camp meetings soon after the Minneapolis Conference and reports of lay members and young ministers accepting the message initially, there are no statements implying acceptance by the bulk of the Battle Creek leadership.

May the time and effort spent in making this unusual compilation bear fruit to the glory of God.

Robert J. Wieland

Ellen G. White Endorsements
Of the 1888 Message As Brought by Jones and Waggoner

1. “The Lord in His great mercy sent a most precious message to His people through Elders Waggoner and Jones.” — TM p. 91.

2. “God gave to His servants a testimony that presented the truth as it is in Jesus, which is the third angel’s message, in clear distinct lines” — TM p. 93.

3. “The message of the gospel of His grace was to be given to the church in clear and distinct lines, that the world should no longer say that Seventh-Day Adventists talk the law, the law, but do not teach or believe Christ. The efficacy of the blood of Christ was to be presented to the people with freshness and power.” — TM p. 92.

4. “This is the very work which the Lord designs that the message He has given His servants, shall perform in the heart and mind of every human agent….God gave to His messengers just what the people needed.” — TM p. 95.

5. “The Lord would have these grand themes studied in our churches, and if every church member shall give entrance to the word of God it will give light and understanding to the simple.” — TM pp. 95, 96.

6. “I would speak in warning to those who have stood for years resisting light and cherishing the spirit of opposition. How long will you hate and despise the messengers of God’s righteousness? God has given them His message. They bear the word of the Lord.” — TM p. 96. (1895).

7. “Here was evidence, that all might discern whom the Lord recognized as His servants. But there are those who despised the men and the message they bore. They have taunted them with being fanatics, extremists, and enthusiasts….Unless you speedily humble you hearts before God, …you…see that you have been fighting against God.” — TM p. 97.

8. “You will see that these men whom you have spoken against have been as signs in the world, as witnesses for God….Zealous men, moved by the Spirit of God….in principle firm as a rock….Light from heaven.” — TM p. 97.

9. “If you reject Christ’s delegated messengers, you reject Christ. Neglect this great salvation, kept before you for years,…and there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins.” — TM p. 97.

10. “Even Seventh-Day Adventists are in danger of closing their eyes to truth as it is in Jesus, because it contradicts something which they have taken for granted as truth, but which the Holy Spirit teaches is not truth….That men should keep alive the spirit which ran riot at Minneapolis, is an offense to God.” TM pp. 70, 76.

11. “Men who are entrusted with weighty responsibilities, but who have no living connection with God, have been and are doing despite to His Holy Spirit….If God spares their lives, and they nourish the same spirit that marked their course of action both before and after the Minneapolis meeting, they will fill up to the full the deeds of those whom Christ condemned when He was upon the earth….Some have been cultivating hatred against the men whom God has commissioned to bear a special message to the world….When they saw and felt the demonstration of the Holy Spirit, testifying that the message was of God, they hated it the more.” — TM pp. 78 – 80.

12. “That which God gives His servants to speak today [Jones and Waggoner] would not perhaps have been present truth twenty years ago, but it is God’s message for this time….Let men and women who are truly converted offer themselves in all humility to the service of the Lord….They will not talk of the faults of others….They will be men who fear to talk and make sport of God’s messengers.” — MS 8 A, 1888. (Dr Froom applies these statements to Jones and Waggoner, see Movement of Destiny, p 225).

13. “God is presenting to the minds of men divinely appointed [Jones and Waggoner] precious gems of truth, appropriate for our time. God has rescued these truths from the companionship of error, and has placed them in their proper framework….Those who have been sinking the shaft deeper and still deeper into the mine of truth will see no beauty in the precious things presented at this Conference….Convincing evidence which has been in this Conference.” — MS 8 A, 1888. (Olson, p. 279).

14. “Even though the truth is opposed and spoken against by those who should be blessed, strengthened, and made joyful by it, its value and brightness is not lessened; for the Lord’s messengers will hold up the telescope to the spiritual eye.” — MS 8A, 1888. (Olson, p. 280)

15. “God has most precious light for His people. I call it not new light; but oh, it is strangely new to many.”– MS 8A, 1888. (Olsen, p. 280).

16. “Be careful how you oppose the precious truths of which you now have so little knowledge.” — MS 8A, 1888. (Olsen, p. 280)

17. “Well, one says, ‘Your prayers and your talk run in the channel with Dr. Waggoner.’ …If Elder Waggoner’s views were wrong, what business has anyone to get up and say what they did in here yesterday? ….Now, brethren, light has come to us and we want to be where we can grasp it, and God will lead us out one by one to Him….If the ministers will not receive the light, I want to give the people a chance; perhaps they may receive it….When anything shall come in to shut down the gate that the waves of truth shall not come in, you will hear my voice wherever it is, if it in California, or in Europe, or wherever I am, because God has given me a light and I mean to let it shine….The words that were spoken here were that Elder Waggoner was running this meeting. Has he not presented to you the words of the Bible?….This investigation must go forward.” — MS 9, 1888 (Olson, pp 291-293).

18. “Dr. Waggoner has spoken to us in a straightforward manner. There is precious light in what he has said.” — MS 15, 1888. (Olson, p. 294).

19. “I would have humility of mind, and be willing to be instructed as a child. The Lord has been pleased to give me great light, yet I know that He leads other minds, and opens to them the mysteries of His word, and I want to receive every ray of light that God shall send me, through it should come through the humblest of His servants.” — MS 15, 1888. (Olson, p. 294).

20. “Dr Waggoner….has presented his views in a plain straightforward manner, as a Christian should….I have no reason to think that he is not as much esteemed of God as are any of my brethren….I know it would be dangerous to denounce Dr. Waggoner’s position as wholly erroneous….I see the beauty of truth in his presentation of the righteousness of Christ in relation to the law as the Doctor has placed it before us….That which has been presented harmonizes perfectly with the light which God has been pleased to give me during all the years of my experience. If our ministering brethren would accept the doctrine which has been presented so clearly — the righteousness of Christ in connection with the law — and I know they need to accept this….” — MS 15, 1888. (Olson, p. 294).

21. ” ‘This message, understood in its true character, and proclaimed in the Spirit, will lighten the earth with its glory.’ ” — MS 15, 1888. (Olson p. 297).

22.” If you do not see light yourselves, you will close the door; if you can you will prevent the rays of light from coming to the people.” — MS 15, 1888. (Olson p. 297).

23. “An unwillingness to yield up preconceived opinions, and to accept this truth, lay at the foundation of a large share of the opposition manifested at Minneapolis against the Lord’s message through brethren Waggoner and Jones. By exciting that opposition Satan succeeded in shutting away from our people, in a great measure, the special power of the Holy Spirit that God longed to impart to them….The light that is to lighten the whole earth with His glory was resisted, and by the action of our brethren has been in a great degree kept away from the world.” — 1 SM pp. 234, 235.

24. “Who of those that acted a part in the meeting at Minneapolis have come to the light and received the rich treasures of truth which the Lord sent them from Heaven? …Not one. …God meant that the watchmen should arise, and with united voices send forth a decided message….Then the strong, clear light of that other angel who comes down from heaven having great power, would have filled the earth with his glory. We are years behind.” — Letter B-2a, November 5, 1892.

25. “Many who have been bound in fetters of darkness have been respected because God has used them, and their unbelief has aroused doubt, prejudice against the messages of truths which angels of Heaven are seeking to communicate through human agencies [Jones and Waggoner] — justification by faith, the righteousness of Christ.” — Letter B-2a, 1892.

26. “The message given us by A.T. Jones and E. J. Waggoner is a message of God to the Laodicean Church.” — Letter S-24, 1892. (to Uriah Smith).

27. “There are some who have criticized and depreciated, and even stooped to ridicule the messengers whom the Lord has wrought in power.” — GC Bulletin, 1891, pp. 256 – 258.

28. “The first position you took in regard to the message and the message, has been a continual snare to you and a stumbling block….That loss is still your loss.” — Letter S-24, 1892.

29. ” When Brother Waggoner brought out these ideas in Minneapolis it was the first clear teaching about this subject from any human lips I have heard, excepting the conversations between myself and my husband.” — MS 5, 1889.

30. “Let no soul complain of the servants of God, who have come to them with a heaven-sent message….God will make the ears of the hearers tingle if they will not heed His voice or His message….Rather than fight against those whom He has sent to save these….ministers, do not dishonor your God and grieve His holy Spirit, by casting reflections on the ways and the manners of the men He would choose ….He sees the temperament of the men he has chosen….Nowthe Lord has taken men who were boys when you were standing at the forefront of the battle, and has given to them the message and the work which you did not take upon you.” — TM pp. 404-415.
(Chapters entitled “God Messengers.” The allusion is obviously to Jones and Waggoner.)

31. “In Minneapolis God gave precious gems of truth to His people in new settings….That which is food to the churches is regarded as dangerous, and should not be given them….great light and precious advantages.” — MS 13, 1889.

32. “The opposition in our own ranks has imposed upon the Lord’s messengers a laborious and soul-trying task….The Spirit of God has been present in power among His people, but it could not be bestowed upon them, because they did not open their hearts to receive it.” — Letter, January 9, 1893. (GC Bulletin, 1893, p. 419).

33. “I have had the question asked, what do you think of this light which these men [Jones and Waggoner] are presenting? Why, I have been presenting it to you, for the last 45 years, –the matchless charms of Christ. This is what I have been trying to present before your minds.” — MS 5, 1889.

34. “Stand not in the way of this light….If you wait for light to come in a way that will please everyone, you will wait in vain. If you wait for louder calls or better opportunities, the light will be withdrawn, and you will be left in darkness.” — 5T p. 720. (The context discusses the Sentinel and the 1888 light.)

35. “A bright light shines upon our pathway today, and it leads to increased faith in Jesus….More distinct views of truth….Increased light is given.” — GW (Old Edition), pp. 104, 105.

36. “They knew not that God had sent these young men [Jones and Waggoner] to bear a special message to them, which they treated with ridicule and contempt.” — Letter S-24, 1892.

37. “Some of our brethren….are full of jealousy and evil surmising, and are ever ready to show in just what way they differ with Elder Jones or Waggoner….But this is not from the impulse of the Spirit of God….I can never forget the experience which we had at Minneapolis.” — Letter S-24, 1892.

38. “God has committed to His servants a message for this time; but this message does not in every particular coincide with the ideas of all the leading men, and some criticize the message and the messengers.” –TM p. 465.

39. “I would not now rehearse before you the evidences given in the past two years of the dealings of God by His chosen servants; but the present evidence of His working is revealed to you, and you are now under obligation to believe.” –TM p. 466. (November 3, 1890.)

40. “To accuse and criticize those whom God is using, is to accuse and criticize the Lord who sent them….The prejudices and opinions that prevailed at Minneapolis are not dead by any means….The roots have been eradicated, and they still bear their unholy fruit to poison the judgment, pervert perceptions, and blind the understanding of those with whom you connect, in regard to the message and the messengers. — TM pp. 466, 467.

41.”The true religion, the only religion of the Bible, that teaches forgiveness only through the merits of a crucified and risen Savior, that advocates righteousness by the faith of the Son of God, has been slighted, spoken against, ridiculed and rejected.” — TM p. 468. (This “true religion,” in context, was that advocated by Jones and Waggoner.)

42. “Men professing godliness have despised Christ in the person of His messengers. Like the Jews, they reject God’s message….Men may not be able to understand why God sends this one or that one.” — FCE p. 472.

43. “Some felt annoyed at this outpouring and their own natural dispositions were manifested. They said, ‘This is only excitement, it is not only the Holy Spirit, not showers of the Latter Rain from Heaven.’ …On many occasions the Holy Spirit did work; but those who resisted the Spirit of God in Minneapolis were waiting for a chance to travel over the same ground again….They declared in their heart and soul and words that this manifestation of the Holy Spirit was fanaticism and a delusion.” — Special Testimonies, Series A , No 6, p. 20.

44. “We should be the least people on earth to indulge in the slightest degree the spirit of persecution against those who are bearing the message of God to the world. This is the most terrible feature of unchristlikeness that has manifested itself among us since the Minneapolis meeting.” — GC Bulletin, 1893, p. 184.

45. “It is quite possible that Elder Jones or Waggoner may be overthrown by the temptations of the enemy; but if they should be, this would not prove that they had no message from God, or that the work which they had done was all a mistake….I pray that these men upon whom God has laid the burden of a solemn work, may be able to give the trumpet a certain sound.” –Letter S-24, 1892.

46. “Will the Lord’s messenger bear the pressure brought against him? If so, it is because God bigs him stand in His strength, and vindicate the truth that he is sent of God.” — Letter O-19, 1892.

47. “Should the Lord’s messengers, after standing manfully for the truth for a time, fall into temptation, and dishonor Him who has given them their work, will that be proof that the message is not true? No….Sin on the part of the messenger of God would cause Satan to rejoice, and those who have rejected the message and the messenger would triumph; and it would not at all clear the men who are guilty of rejecting the message of God….” — Letter 0-19, 1892.

48. “I have deep sorrow of heart, because I have how readily a word or action of Elder Jones or Elder Waggoner is criticized. How readily many minds overlook all the good that has been done by them in the few years past, and see no evidence that God is working through these instrumentalities.” — Letter 0-19, 1892.

49. “The scenes which took place at this meeting (Minneapolis) made the God of heaven ashamed to call those who took part in them, His brethren….God’s servants have no tame testimony to bear at this time, whether men will hear or whether they will forebear. He who rejects the light and evidence God has been liberally bestowing upon us, rejects Christ.” — Letter, May 31, 1896, to O.A. Olsen.

50. “….Their brother [Jones or Waggoner]…may be bearing a message from God to the people, just the light we need for this time….In regard to the testimony that has come to us through the Lord’s messengers we can say, ‘We know in whom we have believed; we know that Christ is our righteousness.’….Although there has been a determined effort to make no effect the message God has sent, its fruits have been proving that it was from the source of light and truth.” — Letter 19, 1892.

51. “When I purposed to leave Minneapolis, the Angel of the Lord stood by me and said: ‘Not so; God has a work for you to do in this place….It is not you they are despising, but the messengers and the message I sent to My people.” –Letter B-2a, 1892.

52. “God has raised up the men to meet the necessity of this time [Jones and Waggoner]….their work is not only to proclaim the law, but to preach the truth for this time, –the Lord our righteousness.” — 1 SM, pp. 360,361.

53. “When you are enlightened by the Holy Spirit, you will see all that wickedness at Minneapolis as it is, as God looks upon it….You had all the evidence that you needed that the Lord was working through brethren Jones and Waggoner; but you did not receive the light; …you did not feel ready to confess that you had done wrong, that these men had a message from God, and you had made light of both message and messengers.” — Letter B-2a, 1892.

54. “Oh that all who stepped in false paths at that notable meeting at Minneapolis, and have felt the same spirit enfolding them about, would let Heaven’s light into their souls….Hating Jesus Christ in the form of His saints! Oh how will God reveal this whole business in a place where they have never looked upon it!” –Letter 13, 1895.

55. “Why do you much cherish such bitterness against Elder A.T. Jones and Elder Waggoner? It is for the same reason Cain hated Abel. Cain refused to heed the instruction of God, and because Abel sought God, and followed His will, Cain killed him. God has given brother Jones and brother Waggoner a message for the people. You do not believe that God has upheld them, but He has given them precious light, and their message has fed the people of God. When you reject the message borne by these men, you reject Christ, the giver of the message.” — Letter 51-A, 1895.

56. “The Lord has been calling His people. In a most marvelous manner He has revealed His divine presence. But the message and the messengers have not been received but despised….In rejecting the message given at Minneapolis, men committed sin. They have committed far greater sin by retaining for years the same hatred against God’s messengers, by rejecting the truth that the Holy Spirit has been urging home. By making light of the message given, they are making light of the word of God.” — MS 30, 1890.

57. “Light from the throne of God has been long resisted as an objectionable thing. It has been regarded as darkness, and spoken of as fanaticism, as something dangerous, to be shunned.” — MS 30, 1890.

58. “They [the opponents] can hold the objectionable atom under the magnifying glass of their imagination until the atom looks like a world, and shuts out from their view the precious light of heaven….Why take so much account of that which might appear to you as objectionable in the messenger, and sweep away all the evidences that God has given to balance the mind in regard to truth? — MS 25, 1890.

59. “This they were too proud to do [opposing brethren] and therefore persisted in rejecting God’s counsel and the light and evidence which have been given.” — MS 25, 1890.

60. “In Minneapolis God gave precious gems of truth to His people in new settings. This light from Heaven by some was rejected with all the stubbornness the Jews manifested in rejecting Christ.” — MS 13, 1889.

61. “The very men who ought to be on the alert to see what the people of God need that the way of the Lord may be prepared, are intercepting the light God would have come to his people and rejecting the message of His healing grace. — Letter to Miller Brothers, July 23, 1889.

62. “Many say, ‘If I had only lived in the days of Christ, I would not have wrested His words, or falsely interpreted His instruction.I would not have rejected and crucified Him, as did the Jews;’ but that will be proved by the way in which you deal with His message and His messengers today. The Lord is testing the people today as He tested the Jews in their day….If you accept the message, you accept Jesus.” — R&H, April 11, 1893.

63. “If the leading men in our Conferences do not now accept the message sent them by God, and fall into line for action, the churches will suffer great loss.” — 5T p. 715.

64. “No more tender calls, no better opportunities could be given them in order that they might do that which they ought to have done in Minneapolis….No one can tell how much may be at stake when they neglect to comply with the call of the Spirit of God. The time will come when they will be willing to do anything and everything possible in order to have a chance of hearing the call which they reject at Minneapolis.” — Letter O-19, 1892.

65. “When Brother Waggoner brought out these ideas in the Minneapolis Conference, it was the first clear teaching of the subject from any human lips I had heard, excepting the communication between myself and my husband. I have said to myself, it is because God has presented it to me in vision that I see it so clearly, and they cannot see it because they have not had it presented to them as I have, and when another presented it, every fibre of my heart said ‘Amen.’ ” — MS 5, 1889. (Elder Froom sent this to me in a letter dated December 31,1964.)

66. “When men listen to the Lord’s message, but through temptation allow prejudice to bar the mind and heart against the rejection of truth, the enemy has the power to present the most precious things in a distorted light.” — Letter O-19, 1892. (The context is speaking of Jones and Waggoner).

67. “I shall never, I think, be called upon to stand under the direction of the Holy Spirit as I stood at Minneapolis….But in the rooms occupied by some of our people was heard ridicule, criticism, jeering, laughter. The manifestation of the Holy Spirit were attributed to fanaticism.” –Letter May 31, 1896.

68. “We know that Bro. Jones has been giving the message for this time, meat in due season to the starving flock of God….The conference at Minneapolis was the golden opportunity for all present to humble the heart before God, and to welcome Jesus as the great Instructor….Afterward when the evidence was piled upon evidence, why did you not humble your hearts before God, and repent of your rejection of the message of mercy He has sent you?” — Letter, January 9, 1893.

69. “Many come here from foreign countries thinking that Battle Creek, from whence come the publications of the truth will be next to Heaven. How disappointed they feel, when they hear in this place, the message of God spoken of lightly, when they hear the messengers of God, by some in responsible places, made a subject of ridicule, and why is this? It is because the message and the messengers do not coincide in every particular with the ideas of these whom the Lord names as His scorners, although it is a message sent from Heaven.” — Letter, November 25,1890, Brooklyn, New York.

70. “I have great sorrow of heart — I have had nearly ever since the Minneapolis meeting — and I will tell you why….When it comes to the manifest movement of the Spirit of God, if the spirit were in their hearts they would recognize it in a moment….I have told my brethren here again and again that God has shown me that He raised up men here to carry the truth to His people and that this is the truth.” — Sermon, Battle Creek, March 16, 1890.

71. “We know that Brother (A.T.) Jones has been giving the message for this time, meat in due season to the starving flock of God. Those who do not allow prejudice to bar the heart against the heaven-sent message, cannot but feel the spirit and force of the truth. Brother Jones has borne the message from church to church, and from state to state; and light and freedom and the outpouring of the Spirit of God has attended the work….Brother Jones seeks to arouse the professed people of God from their death-like slumber….They (the opposers) will be asked in the judgment, ‘Who required this at your hand, to rise up against the message, and the messengers I sent to my people with light, with grace and power? Why have you lifted up your souls against God? …When the evidence was piled upon evidence, why did you not humble your hearts before God, and repent of your rejection of the message of mercy I sent to you?’ ” — Letter, January 9, 1893.

72. “Brother A.T. Jones spoke to the people, also E.J. Waggoner, and the people heard many precious things that would be to them a comfort, and a strength to their faith. They appreciated this, to them, all important privilege.” — MS 24, 1888. (Kansas Campmeeting.)

73. “When I started before my brethren that I had heard for the first time the views of Elder E. J. Waggoner, some did not believe me. I stated that I had heard precious truths, uttered that I could not respond to with all my heart, for had not these great and glorious truths, the righteousness of Christ, and the entire sacrifice made in behalf of man, been imprinted indelibly upon my mind by the Spirit of God? …When the Lord had given to my brethren [Jones and Waggoner] the burden to proclaim this message I felt inexpressibly grateful to God, for I knew it was a message for this time.” — MS 24, 1888.

74.”I should insist that there be a right spirit, a Christ-like spirit manifested, such as Elder E. J. Waggoner had shown all through the presentation of his views….As Elder E. J. Waggoner had conducted himself like a Christian gentlemanthey should do the same.” — MS 24, 1888.

75. “Elder Waggoner had taken a straightforward course, not involving personalities, to thrust anyone or to ridicule anyone. He conducted the subject as a Christian gentleman should, in a kind and courteous manner.”– MS 24, 1888.

76. “The brethren had all the evidence they would ever have that words of truth were spoken in regard to the righteousness of Christ….If they had distinguished the voice of the True Shepherd, if they had opened their hearts to receive the light….” — MS 24, 1888.

77. “I knew how the Lord regarded their spirit and action and if they did thus in ignorance [opposing Jones and Waggoner] through perverted ideas, they have had all the opportunity God will ever give them to know He has given these men a work to do, and a message to bear which is present truth for this time….Wherever this message comes its fruits are good. A vigor and a vital energy are brought into the church, and where the message is accepted, there hope and courage and faith beam in the countenances of all those who open their eyes to see….and their hearts to perceive the great treasures of truth.” — MS 24, 1888.

78. “A lifegiving message…to give life to the dry bones.” — MS 24, 1888.

79. “They [the people] expressed their gladness and gratitude of heart for the sermons that have been preached by Brother A.T. Jones; they saw the truth, goodness, mercy, and love of God as they never before had seen it….It was manifest that a renovation had taken place.” — R & H, February 12, 1889.

80. “Meetings were held in the college which were intensely interesting….The Christian life which had before seemed to them (students) undesirable and full of inconsistencies, now appeared in its true light, in remarkable symmetry andbeauty.” — R & H, February, 12, 1889.

81. “We felt burdened for those who had been bearing the message of truth to others, lest they should close their hearts to some of the precious rays of Heaven’s light that God has sent them….On Sabbath afternoon, many hearts were touched, and many souls were fed on the bread that cometh down from Heaven….We [Jones, Waggoner and Sister White] felt the necessity of presenting Christ as a Savior who was not afar off, but nigh at hand….There were many, even among ministers, who saw the truth as it is in Jesus in a light which they had never before viewed it….The very message the Lord has sent to His people at this time was presented in the discourses.” — R & H, March 5, 1889.

82. “The deep movings of the Spirit of God have been felt upon almost every heart. The general testimony was borne by those who attended the meeting that they had obtained an experience beyond anything they had known before.” — R& H March 5, 1889.

83. “I have never seen a revival work go forward with such thoroughness, and yet remain so free from all undue excitement….There was a solemn realization that Christ came not to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance….We seemed to breathe in the very atmosphere of Heaven….I was not able to sleep that night until nearly day.” — R & H, March 5, 1889.

84. “On Sabbath, truths were presented that were new to the majority of the congregation. Things new and old were brought before us from the treasure house of God’s Word. Truths were revealed that the people were scarcely able to comprehend and appropriate. Light flashed from the oracles of God in relation to the law and the gospel, in relation to the fact that Christ is our righteousness, which seemed to souls who were hungry for truth, as light too precious to be received.” — R & H, July 23, 1889.

85. “We thank the Lord with all the heart that we have precious light to present before the people, and we rejoice that we have a message for this time which is present truth. The tidings that Christ is our righteousness has brought relief to many, many souls.” — R & H, July 23, 1889.

86. “If all will heed the precious words given them from the Great Teacher through His delegated servants, there will be an awakening throughout our ranks, and spiritual vigor will be imparted to the church….As the servants of the Lordbrought forth things new and old from the treasure house of His Word, hope came to the hearts of these old soldiers of the truth. They knew that they message was what they needed, and felt it came from God….The present message — justification by faith — is a message from God; it bears the divine credentials, for its fruit is unto holiness.” — R & H, September 3, 1889. (Campmeeting at Rome, N. Y.)

87. “The doctrine of justification by faith was presented at the Rome meeting; it came to many as water comes to the thirsty traveler….The danger of refusing light from Heaven should make us watchful unto prayer.” — R & H, September 3, 1889.

88. “Light must come to the people through agents whom God shall choose, who will give a note of warning, that none may be in ignorance to the purposes of God or the devices of Satan. At the great heart of the work, Satan will use his hellish arts to the utmost. He will seek in every possible way to interpose himself between the people and God, and shut away the light that God would have come to His children.” R & H, December 24, 1889. (The context obviously indicates she is discussing the 1888 message.)

89. “Letters have been coming in to me, affirming that Christ could not have had the same nature as man [obviously opposing Jones and Waggoner’s position], for if He [Christ] had, He would have fallen under similar temptations. If He did not have man’s nature, He could not be our example….There are many among us who are prejudiced against the doctrines that are now being discussed. They will not come to hear, they will not calmly investigate, but they put forth their objections in the dark….How do they know but what the Lord is giving fresh evidence of His truth, placing it in a new setting, that the way of the Lord may be prepared? What plans have you been laying that new light may be infused into the ranks of God’s people? What evidence have you that God has not sent light to His children?” — R & H, February, 1890. (The wording of this article is clearly an endorsement of Jones’ and Waggoner’s message.)

90. “Can God love us as He loves His Son when we quibble and find fault with the truth because it does not agree with our opinions, and for fear we shall understand something as our brother understands it, and so come into harmony with him?…Those who were at South Lancaster last winter know that the church and the school were moved upon by the Spirit of God….Light is flashing from the throne of God, and what is this for? It is that a people may be prepared to stand in the Day of God….It is too late in the day to cry out against men for manifesting too much earnestness in the service of God; to say, ‘You are excited, you are too intense, too positive.’ ” — R & H, March 4, 1890.

91. “The unity, the harmony, that should exist among the disciples of Christ, is described in these words; ‘That they may be one, as We are.’…We want all our brethren to have the same blessing that we have….We have been hearingHis voice more distinctly in the message that has been going for the last two years, declaring unto us the Father’s name.” –R & H, March 11, 1890.

92. “For nearly two years we have been urging the people to come up and accept the light and the truth concerning the righteousness of Christ, they do not know whether to come and take hold on this precious truth or not….You will meet with those who will say, ‘You are too much excited over this matter. You are too much in earnest. You should not be reaching for the righteousness of Christ, making so much of that.’ ” — R & H, March 11, 1890.

93. “If our brethren were all laborers together with God, they would not doubt but that the message He has sent us during these last two years is from Heaven.” — R & H, March 18, 1890.

94. “I have traveled from place to place, attending meetings where the message of the righteousness of Christ was preached. I consider it a privilege to stand by the side of my brethren [Jones and Waggoner], and give my testimony with the message for the time; and I saw that the power of God attended the message wherever it was spoken. You could not make the people believe at South Lancaster that it was not a message of light that came to them….God has set His hand to do this work.” — R & H, March 18, 1890.

95. “I have tried to present the message to you as I have understood it, but how long will those a the head of the work keep themselves aloof from the message of God? …Suppose that you blot out the testimony that has been going during these last two years proclaiming the righteousness of Christ, who can you point to as bringing out special light for the people? This message as it has been presented, should go to every church that claims to believe the truth, and bring our people up to a higher standpoint….We want to see who have presented to the world the heavenly credentials.” — R & H, March 18, 1890.

96. “We do not claim that in the doctrines sought out by those who have studied the word of truth [obviously Jones and Waggoner], that there may not be some error, for no man that lives is infallible; but if God has sent light, we want it; and God has sent light, let every man be careful how he treats it….Our brethren should be willing to investigate in a candid way every point of controversy….No one has said that we shall find perfection in any man’s investigation, but this I do know, that our churches are dying for the want of teaching on the subject of righteousness by faith in Christ, and for kindred truths.” — R&H, March 25, 1890.

97. “Some of our brethren have expressed fears that we shall dwell too much upon the subject of justification by faith, but…there is not danger in presenting this doctrine as it is set forth in the scriptures….Some of our brethren are not receiving the message of God upon this subject….Is it not time that fresh light should come to the people of God?” — R & H, April, 1, 1890.

98.”Several have written to me, inquiring if the message of justification by faith [obviously presented by Jones and Waggoner] is the Third Angel’s Message, and I have answered, ‘It is the Third Angel’s Message in verity.’ ” — R & H, April 1, 1890.

99. “Those whom God has sent with a message are only men, but what is the character of the message which they bear? Will you dare to turn from, or make light of, the warnings, because God did not consult you as to what would be prepared? God calls men who will speak, and will cry aloud and spare not. God has raised up His messengers to do His work for this time. Some have turned from the message of the righteousness of Christ to criticize the men in their imperfections, because they do not speak with all the grace and polish desirable. They have too much zeal, are too much in earnest, speak with too much positiveness, and the message that would bring healing and life and comfort to many weary and oppressed souls is in a measure excluded.” — R & H, May 27, 1890.

100. “We entreat of you who oppose the light of truth, to stand out of the way of God’s people. Let heaven-sent light shine forth upon them in clear and steady rays.” — R & H, May 27, 1890.

101. “Messages bearing the divine credentials have been sent to God’s people; the glory, the majesty, the righteousness of Christ, full of goodness and truth, have been presented; the fullness of the Godhead in Jesus Christ has been set forth among us with beauty and loveliness, to charm all those whose hearts are not closed with prejudice. We know that God has wrought among us.” — R & H, May 27, 1890.

102. “Dear Brother: … You had a glimpse of the righteousness of Christ which you have not lost, as I am sure some others did when they came in contact with those who do not appreciate this blessed truth….The enemy has been in our ranks through whom he works, that the light which God has permitted to shine upon the heart and illuminate the chambers of the mind may be darkened.” — R & H, August 19, 1890.

103. ” It is an astonishment to the whole universe that men do not see and do not acknowledge the bright beams of light that are shining upon them….Man who might have stood fast to the end, will place their influence against the message and the messenger that God sends. But in the day of judgment, when the question is asked, ‘Why did you intercept yourself, your judgment, and your influence, between the people and the message of God?’ They will have nothing to answer….they will confess that they…strengthened the hands that sought to tear down that which God commanded to be built up.” — R & H, October 21, 1890. (the context is clear — the reception of the 1888 message.)

104. “If you have misjudged your brother, if you have in the least degree weakened his influence, so that the message which God has given him to bear has been made little or no effect, your sin does not rest merely with the individual, but you have resisted the spirit of God; your attitude, your words, have been against your Savior.” — R & H, December 16, 1890. (This appeal had obvious reference to Jones and Waggoner — Cf. Olson, pp. 92-99.)

105. “God requires that you who have thus done the least injustice to another shall confess your faults…to those who through your influence have been led to regard their brother in a false light, and make none effect the work God has given him to do….The question is not whether you see as your brother does on controversial points….Fall on the Rock and be broken.” — R & H, December 16, 1890.

106. “Consider your words, your attitude, you whose influence has counteracted the message of the Spirit of God, you that have despised both the message and the messenger. After seeing the fruit borne by the message, what have you to say?” — R & H, December 16, 1890.

107. “All heaven is filled with amazement; that when this love, so broad, so deep, so rich and full, is presented to men who have known the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, they are so indifferent, so cold and unmoved….The Lord has sent a message to arouse His people to repent, and do their first work; but how has this message been received? While some have heeded, others have cast contempt and reproach on the message and the messenger.” — R & H Extra, December 23, 1890.

108. “If through the grace of Christ, His people will become new bottles, He will fill them the new wine [of the 1888 message of Christ’s righteousness]. God will give additional light, and old truths will be recovered, and replaced in the framework of truth; and wherever the laborers go, they will triumph….One interest will prevail, one subject will swallow up every other, — Christ our righteousness.” — R & H Extra, December 23, 1890.

109. “All who venture to have their own way, who do not join the angels who are sent from heaven with a message to fill the whole earth with its glory, will be passed by. [A reference to the 1888 message being the beginning of the Loud Cry.] The work will go forward to victory without them, and they will have no part in its triumph.” –R & H Extra, December 23, 1890.

110. “Have not His [Christ’s] counsels been despised and rejected? Have not His delegated messengers been treated with scorn, and their words received as idle tales?” — R & H, July 3, 1889. (Context speaks of 1888 message.)

111. [The Following statement is obvious reference to the message of Jones and Waggoner and the controversy against it.] “We must learn that others have rights as well as we have, and when any of our brethren receive new light upon the Scriptures, he should frankly explain his positions….If God would send a message and wait for these older brethren to open the way for its advance, it would never reach the people….The rebuke of the Lord will be upon those who would be guardians of the doctrine, who would bar the way that greater light should not come to the people…. God sees that our leading men have need of greater light, that they might unite with the messengers whom He shall sendharmoniously to accomplish the work that He designs they should. The Lord has raised up messengers and imbued them with His Spirit [Jones and Waggoner], and has said ‘Cry aloud, spare not….’ Let no one run the risk of interposing himself between the people and the message of Heaven. ” — R & H 26, 1892.

112. “The time of test is just upon us, for the loud cry of the third angel has already begun, and the revelation of the righteousness of Christ, the sin pardoning redeemer. This is the beginning of the light of the angel whose glory shall fill the whole earth.” — R & H, November 22, 1892.

113. “At eight o’clock Brother Jones speaks on the subject of justification by faith, and great interest is manifested….Quite a number…are being fed with large morsels from the Lord’s table.” — MS 10, 1889; 1 SM p. 362.

114. “These strong assertions in regard to works never make our position any stronger. The expressions weaken your position, for there are many who will consider you an extremist, and will lose the rich lessons you have for themupon the very subjects they need to know.” — Letter to A.T. Jones, April 9, 1893, Letter 44, 1893.

115. “For years the Spirit of God has reproved and exhorted the professed followers of Christ, and has left us without excuse in pursuing evil ways, in criticizing and finding fault with the message and the messenger whom God has sent….It is perilous to permit prejudice to arise in your hearts and speak against those upon whom sacred responsibility is laid….The peril of speaking against the servants of God is also made manifest….” R & H, July 25, 1893. (The context is not unmistakably concerning Jones and Waggoner as is the case with many similar statements of that era, but it may well be.)

116. “Be sure to give due attention to the precious truths which come to us from lips that have been touched with a live coal from off the altar. Praise God that light has been sown from the righteous and gladness for the upright in heart. Talk of the instruction that you have received that was to your soul as a feast of fat things.” — R & H, August 8, 1893. (Again the context is not unmistakably Jones and Waggoner, but the “feast of fat things” is a familiar phrase used often in regard to the 1888 message.)

117. “Let not one ray of light from heaven be held in questioning and doubt….He who charges the work of God to undue excitement, and calls it fanaticism, is certainly standing on dangerous ground….The record of the past year (in Battle Creek) and of years previous has passed into eternity, but the grace and mercy of God that have been so abundantly bestowed, have not met with a proportionate response in good works….Satan has worked to make of none effect the heaven-sent refreshing of the shower of grace.” — R & H, February 13, 1894. (The Battle Creek College revivals of the early 1890’s were an outgrowth of the 1888 message.)

118. “When new light is presented to the church, it is perilous to shut yourselves away from it. Refusing to hear because you are prejudiced against the message or the messenger will not make your case excusable before God. To condemn that which you have not heard and do not understand will not exalt your wisdom in the eyes of those who are candid in their investigations of truth. And to speak with contempt of those whom God has sent with a message of truth, is folly and madness.” — SSW, 1892; Testimonies on Sabbath School Work, p. 60.

119. “If Christ has given that brother [Jones or Waggoner] a message to bear, upon whom does the hurt [of rejection] come? …Upon the Son of the Infinite God.” — Letter, August 30, 1892, to Uriah Smith.

120. “You have professed to believe, but you have in spirit rejected the message [of 1888]….If the church refuses to hear the voice of the heavenly merchantmen, refuses to open the door, then Christ will pass on, and it will be left destitute of His presence, destitute of true riches, but saying in self-righteousness, ‘I am rich….” — MS 4 1889.

121. “Our young men look at the older men that stand still as a stock, and will not move to accept any new light that is brought in; they will laugh and ridicule what these men say and what they do as of no consequence. Who carries the burden of that laugh and of that contempt, I ask you? — MS 9, 1890, February 3, 1890.

122. “The greatest care should be exercised lest we do despite to the Spirit of God by treating with indifference and scorn the messenger, and the messages God sends to His people, and so reject light because our hearts are not in harmony with God….If you have been in the truth for many years, and some brother who is much younger in years and in the faith is called upon to teach, your age, your position, your intelligence, and understanding of the Scriptures will not give you license to treat this brother with indifference and disrespect….They will be one with youthful men whom God has educated to act a special part in His work. These young men would find a great blessing in depending upon the experience of older brethren, if those who have been long in the work do not stand upon their dignity, if self does not assume prominence, and the younger brethren seem insignificant….They consider it a virtue to be at variance with their brethren, and close the door, that light shall not find an entrance to the people of God….God has messengers and messages for His people.” — ST May 26, 1890.
121 Total + 72
Summary: 121 + 72 = 193 Grand Total of Statements of Endorsement

(Taking into account the existence of many unavailable pages of relevant Ellen G. White material, the actual total must be over 200.)

Additional note added March 6, 1986:

During further research in the Ellen White Vaults in 1979 and since, many more of her statements enthusiastically endorsing the Jones-Waggoner message have come to light. The actual total must be near 300. For example:

MS 2, 1891: Men like Uriah Smith have counteracted messages that God has given E. J. Waggoner for the people.

H-16g – 1892: EGW’s work made tenfold harder by the course pursued by my brethren since Minneapolis meeting.

Letter K 18, 1892, to J.H. Kellogg: Don’t oppose EJW; the Lord has been communicating light through him, the people greatly blessed.

Letter K86a, 1893 (to JHK): Don’t oppose ATJ and EJW; if they had had the cooperation of ministering brethren and they had drawn in even chords with them, the work would be years in advance of what it is. We have every evidence the Lord is using J & W. It pains me for you to be bitter toward them.

Letter H-27, 1894 (to Haskell): Prescott erred with Jones regarding the Anna Phillips Rice case; but she has more confidence in them both now than previously. They are the Lord’s chosen messengers, God’s ambassadors. This mistake of endorsing Phillips would not have happened if Uriah Smith and G.I. Butler had united with ATJ and EJW like they should; ATJ and EJW hear the voice of God, people are fed by them with bread from heaven; every inch of ground had to be fought in presenting present message; God has the very men He wanted; they are mouthpiece for Him, drew draught from wells of Bethlehem, chosen agents of God, etc. If union had existed, mistakes would not have occurred.

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