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Dr. Kellogg & the Trinity

Many people are not aware of Dr. Kellogg’s Trinitarian theology. In this section is presented some factual evidence in support of this claim. Kellogg was indeed teaching a trinity of three co-eternal, co-equal beings. At that time he expressed to leading brethren of the church his belief that there were three separate divine beings in the Godhead. Here is what an alarmed A. G. Daniells wrote to W. C. White regarding this matter in 1903.

“Ever since the council closed I have felt that I should write you confidentially regarding Dr Kellogg’s plans for revising and republishing ‘The Living Temple’…. He (Kellogg) said that some days before coming to the council, he had been thinking the matter over, and began to see that he had made a slight mistake in expressing his views. He said that all the way along he had been troubled to know how to state the character of God and his relation to his creation works…

He then stated that his former views regarding the trinity had stood in his way of making a clear and absolutely correct statement; but that within a short time he had come to believe in the trinity and could now see pretty clearly where all the difficulty was, and believed that he could clear the matter up satisfactorily.

He told me that he now believed in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost; and his view was that it was God the Holy Ghost, and not God the Father, that filled all space, and every living thing. He said if he had believed this before writing the book, he could have expressed his views without giving the wrong impression the book now gives. I placed before him the objections I found in the teaching, and tried to show him that the teaching was so utterly contrary to the gospel that I did not see how it could be revised by changing a few expressions. We argued the matter at some length in a friendly way; but I felt sure that when we parted, the doctor did not understand himself, nor the character of his teaching. And I could not see how it would be possible for him to flop over, and in the course of a few days fix the books up so that it would be all right.” {Letter: A. G. Daniells to W. C. White. October 29, 1903. pp. 1, 2}

Dr. Kellogg had come to believe in the doctrine of the trinity. He believed in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit! Are there people today who believe the same thing?  Was Ellen White aware that Kellogg wanted to revise his book and include a trinity of three god-beings? Did she have any words to say about this? She most certainly did, in light of the fact that the above letter was sent to her son; she most surely had something to say about the republishing of the book to include a doctrine of a trinity (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit).

The book Living Temple is not to be patched up, a few changes made in it, and then advertised and praised as a valuable production. […] When you wrote that book you were not under the inspiration of God. There was by your sidethe one who inspired Adam to look at God in a false light. […] My brother, I must tell you that you have little realization ofwhither your feet have been tending. The facts have been opened to me. You have been binding living temple john kelloggyourself up with thosewho belong to the army of the great apostate. Your mind has been as dark as Egypt.–Letter 253, 1903, pp. 1, 12-14. (To J. H. Kellogg, Nov. 20, 1903.)” {E. G. White, Manuscript Releases Volume 11, p. 314, 315}

“It will be said that Living Temple has been revised. But the Lord has shown me that the writer has not changed, and that there can be no unity between him and the ministers of the gospel while he continues to cherish his present sentiments. I am bidden to lift my voice in warning to our people, saying, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked” (Gal.6:7).” {E. G. White, Selected Messages Book 1, p. 199} 1904 (So how could Ellen White believe the same thing, as many claim, and yet reprove Kellogg for wanting to publish it?)

What were the “present sentiments” of Dr. Kellogg? According to his own confession a year earlier, he had come to believe in a trinity of three divine beings.In self defense Kellogg claimed that his teachings were the same as Mrs. White. He (and his supporters) would even quote statements from her writings to support his “new” teaching. Mrs. White denied this charge in plain testimonies: “I am compelled to speak in denial of the claim that the teachings of Living Templecan be sustained by statements from my writings. There may be in this book expressions and sentiments that are in harmony with my writings. And there may be in my writings many statements which, taken from their connection, and interpreted according to the mind of the writer of Living Temple, would seem to be in harmony with the teachings of this book. This may give apparent support to the assertion that the sentiments in Living Templeare in harmony with my writings. But God forbid that this sentiment should prevail.” {E. G. White, Selected Messages Book 1, p. 203} 1904

She admitted that there may be in her writings “many statements” that can be “taken from their connection” (context) and explained in such a way as to “be in harmony” with Kellogg’s teaching, and as such, seem to lend his doctrine some weight. But, she said “God forbid that this sentiment should prevail.” Was Sister White aware that her writings can be twisted to teach a trinity of three divine beings? This is the very thing that Kellogg was trying to do. This is the very thing that many today are also trying to do! But, tragically, the deception today is far deeper and worse. In as much as the “Omega” is greater and deadlier than the “Alpha.” (For more details write for the book The Alpha and the Omega)


Any clear thinking reader will readily realize it is a virtual impossibility to maintain that Ellen White was a true prophet while charging her with believing the trinity. The so called “paradigm shift” that is attributed to Ellen White still remains in the realm of illusion and wishful thinking; there is no evidence to substantiate it. Ellen White did not change the foundational doctrine of the Godhead upon which the church was founded. That a change has come about cannot be denied by any, but to charge Ellen White with that change flies in the face of all reason, common sense and evidence.

As we have allowed Ellen White to speak through her writings we have plainly seen that she maintained a consistent belief throughout her entire career as a messenger from God. Her consistent belief regarding the Godhead is that there are only two divine beings, the Father and His begotten Son (and Their spirit is Their life which They share with us). The Father and Son alone are to receive all honor and praise. The Father and Son only will be seen and worshipped by the redeemed in heaven, for They alone have fulfilled the terms of the everlasting covenant and know what our salvation has cost.

While many responsible men are using their God-given power to rail and revile God’s wonderful truth and falsely malign those that proclaim it, nevertheless we have not used this power; but suffer all things, lest we should hinder the gospel of Christ. Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing.

We leave you with some unanswered questions we pray this book has raised:

Why is there no Spirit of Prophecy reference stating that God is three coequal, coeternal beings?
Why is there no Spirit of Prophecy reference to a “God the Son” or “God the Holy Spirit.”?
Why are we told the Father and the Son alone are to be exalted?
Is Sister White responsible for the so called “paradigm shift” leading the church to the Trinity?
Did Sister White change her understanding of the Godhead to a Trinity?
Why is it that there is not a single statement from her pen to support the Trinity doctrine?
If Ellen White was not a Trinitarian, nor ever became one, then where does that leave us today?
“The sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit does not lie in any sudden word or deed; it is the firm, determined resistance of truth and evidence.” {E. G. White, S.D.A. Bible Commentary Vol. 5, p. 1093} 1890

Dear reader, you have read for yourself the truth and the evidence. What will you do?

The topic of the Trinity today is causing much debate and furor in many circles of Adventism. Right in the middle of this debate are the writings of Sister White, which are being pulled every which way. Many honest people are asking: What did Mrs.
White believe about the Godhead? Did she believe in the Trinity? Or did she not believe in it?

There are many people today who are more than eager to speak on behalf of the prophet of God. They are eager to give and circulate reports, many times unfounded and unauthenticated by plain evidence.

But what saith the prophet herself? “And now to all who have a desire for truth I would say: Do not give credence to unauthenticated reports as to what Sister White has done or said or written. If you desire to know what the Lord has revealed through her, read her published works. Are there any points of interest concerning which she has not written, do not eagerly catch up and report rumors as to what she has said.” {Testimonies Volume 5, p. 696}

But why don’t we let the prophet speak for herself? Even though she is dead, she yet speaketh. “Abundant light has been given to our people in these last days. Whether or not my life is spared, my writings will constantly speak, and their work will go forward as long as time shall last. My writings are kept on file in the office, and even though I should not live, these words that have been given to me by the Lord will still have life and will speak to the people.” {Selected Messages Book 1, p. 55}

An examination of her writings over the entire period of her lifetime will adequately answer the question. This book is composed of quotations from her pen regarding this wonderful topic. Rather than seeking to pull her to one side or another, why don’t we allow her to tell us which side she is on? This she is well able to do.


Book – The Godhead in Black and White

The Early Years 1827-1862

The Progressive Years 1862-1876

The Lonely Years 1876-1891 

The Australian Years 1891-1900

The Crisis Years 1900-1905

The Final Years 1905-1915 

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