1. FOR how long a period was the Papacy to wear out the saints of God? For 1,260 years. (See Dan. 7:25; 12:7; Rev. 11:2, time of the end daniel 123; 12:6, 14; 13:5.)

2. What does our Saviour say of this persecution? Matt. 24:21,22.

3. How is it described in Daniel 11: 33?

4. Till what time was it to continue? Verso 35. (See note 1.)

5. What instruction was given to Daniel concerning his prophecy? Dan. 12: 4.

6. What would then take place? Verse 4, last clause. (See note 2.)

7. What question was asked of one angel by another? Verses 5 and 6. (See note 3.)

8. What was the angel’s answer? Verse 7. (See note 4.)

9. What is said of Daniel’s understanding of the answer? Verse 8.

10. What question did Daniel ask?. Verse 8. (See note 5.)

11. What answer was given? Verse 9.

12. What is said of different classes during that period? Verse 10. (See note 2.)

13. What other prophetic period is introduced in this prophecy? Verse 11.

14. From what event was it to begin? Verse 11. (See note 6.)

15. Then to what date would it reach?—1798. (See note 6.)

16. Upon whom is a blessing pronounced? Verse 12.

17. To what date does this period reach? 1843? (See note 7.)

18. What command was given to Daniel? Verse 13. (See note 8.)

19. What promise was made to him? Verse 13.


1. THE time of the end is not the end, but a brief period commencing at a certain time and reaching to Christ’s second coming. This period, the time of the end, begins with the close of the papal persecution, viz., in 1798, when the Papacy received the deadly wound. Rev. 13:3.

2. ” THE time of the end” is marked especially as a time when “many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” This does not refer to the great amount of travel that will be carried on and an increase of worldly wisdom and knowledge in general, although these things may be seen in the social world in a remarkable degree. The book of Daniel was to he closed “till the time of the end.” Then “many shall run to and fro,” that is, run to and fro through the book, searching its pages diligently, and thus “knowledge [of the Scriptures] shall be increased.” (See “Facts for the Times,” page 59, fourth edition.)

This view is also confirmed by the statements in verse 9, that the wicked will do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.

3. THAT is, How long will it be till we reach ” the time of the end,” when the long period of persecution will cease, and God’s people will be free to study the word of God, and these things which have been a source of wonder and astonishment to them will be more fully understood?

4. THIS period is identical with that in Dan. 7 : 25 and Rev. 12 : 6, 14, which we have found to be 1,260 prophetic days, or literal years, beginning A. D. 538 and ending A. D. 1798. The One who answered this question is evidently Christ, the same One who answered the question relating to time in Dan. 8 :13.

5. THAT is, When will God’s people be delivered from these terrible troubles and persecutions?

6. THE “daily,”  (“sacrifice” is a supplied word), was taken away in A. D. 508. This was to prepare the way for the setting up, or establishment, of the “abomination that maketh desolate,” or the Papacy, in A. D. 538. (See margin.) To A. D. 508 .add 1,290 prophetic days, or literal years, and we are brought to A. D. 1798, the same date to which the 1,260 years extend. (See “Thoughts on Daniel and the Revelation,” chapters 11 and 12.)

7. THAT is, beginning at the same date as the 1,290 years, namely,. A. D. 508, the 1,335 prophetic days, or literal years, would extend to A. D. 1843, at which time a great blessing came to God’s people as they feasted upon the book of Daniel, which was then open, and increased in the knowledge of the prophetic word, and rejoiced in the clear evidences of the Saviour’s soon coming to redeem His people. Luke 21: 28.

8. “TILL the end be;” that is, till the end of all these great prophetic periods. This would certainly include the 2,300 days of Daniel 8, which ended in 1844, as well as the shorter periods, ‘which ended prior to that time. Then, in 1844, Daniel and all the righteous dead stand in their lot, or the place decided by the Judge, in the judgment, which began when that date was reached.

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