1. WHEN and by what was Nebuchadnezzar troubled? Verse 1.Daniel 2 image gold silver bronze iron

2. What did the king command? Verse 2.

3. What did lie desire them to do? Verses 2, 3.

4. How did they reply? Verse 4.

5. What was the king’s answer? Verses 5, 6.

6. How did they respond to this? Verse 7.

7. How did the king regard their course? Verses 8, 9.

8. What did the professed wise men say of the king’s requirements? Verses 10, 11. (See note 1.)

9. How did this reply affect the king? Verse 12.

10. What decree did he issue? Verse 13.

11. Who were counted among these wise men?

12. What was Daniel’s plea concerning the king’s decree? Verses 14, 15. (See note 2.)

13. What course did Daniel pursue? Verses 17, 18. (See note 3.)

14. How was the secret revealed to Daniel? Verse 19.

15. With what words did he praise the Lord for His mercy? Verses 20-23.

16. When Daniel was brought before the king, what did he say of the wise men and astrologers? Verse 27.

17. Who did he say could reveal the secret? Verse 28.

18. What did the Lord make known to Nebuchadnezzar by his dream? Verse 29.

19. Why was the dream revealed to Daniel? Verse 30. (See note 4.) ————


1. THE Chaldeans tried to make it appear that the king’s request was not reasonable; but, as they pretended to communicate with the “gods whose dwelling is not with flesh,” the king’s request was very proper.

2. THE king did not suspect Daniel of trying “to gain the time,” as he suspected the wise men, for Daniel promised to show the king the interpretation of his dream; he only wanted time to seek his God for a knowledge of the secret, while they confessed that they could not interpret the dream unless the king would first tell them what it was.

3. DANIEL called the brethren together to seek Him who is the Source of all wisdom, believing that the Lord would reveal the matter to him. His faith was so strong that he promised to show the king the interpretation of his dream. If all would seek the wisdom which is from above as did Daniel, they would have the knowledge of God. James 1:5.

4. IN making known to Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days, or hereafter, as it is expressed in verse 45, he gave a brief but comprehensive history of the world from his own time, till the kingdoms of this world would be overthrown by the kingdom of God. There are two important lessons that we may learn from this scripture. One is that the Lord sometimes reveals

His truth to those not directly connected with His people and work, and the other is that He delights to honor His faithful servants before, the great men of earth, and also deliver them from danger and death if His name can be honored thereby.

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