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Truth about God

  1. John 16:13, 14 – The comforter, who is this verse talking about?
  2. 1 John 5:20 – What is the truth about God in this verse. Looking at this verse we see the true God has a son. So he must be a father, not a Trinity
  3. 2 Corinthians 13:14 – This verse talks about God, Christ and the holy spirit. Only one being is referred to as God in this verse.
  4. Acts 5:3, 4 – Lieing to Gods spirit is akin to lieing to God himself. Is this God a trinity
  5. Hebrews 1:8 – Hebrews 1 talks about God speaking through his son. This God is a father, and he calls his son ‘god’. He also called them ‘gods unto whom he gave the scriptures'(John 10:35) Could this refer to Christ’s nature?
  6. Isaiah 43:10 – Isaiah 43:10 tells us there is only one God and none other but he. Paul says “There is one God the father”
  7. John 1:1 – The word was of substance and nature fully God, then the word was of substance and nature made flesh. This refers to the nature of Christ, not his identity. “To us there is but one God the father”(1Cor 8:6)
  8. John 8:58 – Jesus talks about coming in his fathers authority and name and speaking to Abraham and Moses.
  9. John 10:17 – Jesus is raised from the dead. He says this commandment recieved he of the father. So who raised Jesus?
  10. John 10:30 – Jesus said ‘I and my father are one’. This unity he desired to exist between his apostles when he said ‘that they may be one even as we are one'(John 17:11, 21-22). Jesus was not speaking of a 12 headed trinity but the unity that exists between God his father and himself.
  11. Matthew 28:19 – This verse discusses baptism of the apostles. Does it teach a trinity. Interestingly the title ‘God’ is not even used in this verse. The apostles never once baptized in this name.
  12. Phillipians 2:5-9 – Phillipians 2:5-9 goes over the issue of Christ and his form and nature. Christ was in the form of and equal with God. Was he the God he was equal with? Does this verse teach a trinity? Or does it teach Christ had God’s nature and that God is a father?
  13. 1 John 5:7 – There are three that bear record. Verse 10 says the record is that God is a father, not a trinity. Verse 10 also tells us many do not believe the record that God gave his son. Some believe God is not really a father”
  14. Genesis 1:26 – God said ‘let us’. Does this mean God was talking to himself? Is this teach us a trinity? Or maybe God is a single being who was talking to his son Jesus Christ. Maybe this verse is non-trinitarian. What does the bible teach us about the title ‘elohim'(God)?
  15. Isaiah 9:6 – Isaiah 9:6 tells us about ‘a son that is given’. This son is God’s son. Christ is made an ‘everlasting father’ over Israel and the children God gave him, the government is placed on his shoulders. The same was said of Eliakim son of Hilkiah in Isaiah 22:21. Is this telling us that Eliakim is part of a Trinity? Or is this verse non-trinitarian?
  16. Isaiah 44:6/Revelation 1:17 – The first and the last. Revelation 1:17 also mentions Chirst as the first and the last. Is this verse teaching us a trinity? Or is this verse actually non-trinitarian?”
  17. Matthew 3:16, 17 Shows the father talking to his son. Is this verse teaching a trinity or is it non-trinitarian? Some have said because we see the spirit as a dove that means it is a person. Birds are known in scripture to be representative of angels.[Rev 18:3]
  18. Revelation 1:8 – It is believed by many that Revelation 1:8 is referring to Christ Jesus and many believe this verse proves a trinity. But a closer look at this verse reveals that this verse is speaking about our one God the almighty father and is actually a non-trinitarian verse.
  19. Romans 8:26 – Romans 8:26 talks about the holy spirit making intercession for us. The bible speaks of one being who makes intercession for us. We have one God and one mediator between us and God, the man Christ Jesus. Romans 8 talks about the intercession of Christ Jesus our high priest
  20. Titus 2:13 – The question is, should this verse be read to say, ‘the appearing of the great God who is our Saviour Jesus Christ,’ or should it be read as saying, ‘the appearing of the great God, as well as of our Saviour Jesus Christ?’ Does this verse teach a trinity or is this verse non-trinitarian?
  21. Isaiah 48:11 – Many say this verse teaches us that Jesus Christ is God and that Isaiah 48:11 is talking about a Trinity. But we take a closer look at this issue and the bible reveals that this verse is non-trinitarian and is not talking about the trinity at all.
  22. John 20:28 Thomas says to Jesus ‘my Lord and my God’. Some say that Thomas is calling Jesus his God. Is this verse Trinitarian. This page takes a look at this verse and reveals some amazing things about our ‘one God the father and one Lord Jesus Christ’1 Cor 8:6 and shows that this verse does not teach a trinity.
  23. Micah 5:2 – is often used to prove a trinity. But looking closely at this text we see that it teaches us that Christ had an origin in heaven. This verse teaches us that he came out from God and is the son of the eternal God and is non-trinitarian.
  24. Hebrews 11:17  – This verse is used to prove that Christ was not the literal begotten son of God.  It refers to Abraham and Isaac, but when taking a closer look, God shows us much more regarding the relationship of Him and His Son.

Ellen White Seemingly Trinitarian Statements

  1. Heavenly Trio context quote in it’s context, then it is reread again with brackets added to see if it is actually teaching a Trinity. Seems this quote is actually anti-trinitarian and teaching a non-trinitarian view as it was spoken in regards to a heresey that John Harve Kellogg had adopted.
  2. Three great worthies and three holiest beings. Is this Ellen White? There is a reason why this quote does not deserve any creedence. She never taught a trinity in 1000’s of pages of writings. Her family was non-trinitarian. Why?
  3. Original, unborrowed, underived life – In Christ is life original, unborrowed, underived. Man can posess this life as it is the life that flows from God to his only begotten son and is given to whomsoever he willeth. Some have thought that this statement teaches Christ had no beginning. But this original, unborrowed, underived life can be possessed by men.
  4. Christ is not God in personality – But yet he is God in respect to his form, substance and nature which he possessed from his father. His father is the only true God.
  5. Holy Spirit a person as much as God is a person – This quote says ‘God is a person’. This seems to be non-trinitarian as well. Since Trinitarians teach that ‘God is three persons’.
  6. Eternal Dignitaries of the Trinity – Eternal Dignitaries of the Trinity – Ellen White – Evangelism ‘God’ is distinct from his son, and his spirit in this quote. This to me indicates that the title ‘God’ in this quote refers to the father alone. I don’t think that we can read into this quote’God the father, son and holy spirit, and Christ and the Holy Spirit’. The title God refers alone to the father in this quote and as far as can be seen in not Trinitarian at all.
  7. Third Person of the Godhead – Ellen White has some seemingly hard to understand texts regarding the third person of the Godhead. See the context of these verses and how she is not teaching a trinity, and how others came to misunderstand her writings as well.
  8. The term “Godhead” in the SOP – Many today are using the term ‘godhead’ to mean ‘God’. Some have tried to replace the term ‘trinity’ with ‘godhead’. But the truth is: God has a ‘Godhead’. “The Godhead” is a characteristic of “God”. Notice in the following verse that his ‘Godhead’ is clearly seen in the things made.
  9. The Three Great Powers – The three great powers of heaven, God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. To us there is but one God the father. Is this teaching a trinity, or is it actually non-trinitarian.
  10. Nature of the Holy Spirit a Mystery – The following is the original quote Ellen White made concerning the mystery of the Holy Spirit which is often quoted in Acts of the Apostles, p 52. Brother Chapman was holding to a view that the identity of the Holy Spirit was Gabriel and was not being sent out to preach because he did not agree that the Comforter is Christ. Ellen White told brother Chapman to come into harmony with the brethren.
  11. The Godhead was Stirred with Pity – The Godhead was stirred with pity for the race, and the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit gave Themselves to the working out of the plan of redemption. Does this text teach us that God is a Trinity? Let’s look carefully and see who is identified as God, who is identified as Christ, and what the Godhead is.


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Answering Evangelism Pages 615-617 – Answering Evangelism Page 615-617 Leroy Froom’s seemingly Trinitarian Collection of EGW writings. How many times have we seen these quotes. All apparently Trinitarian. All these quotes are actually non-trinitarian when we look carefully. Sadly so many are merely surface reading these quotes and not studying carefully.


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  • Seventh Day Adventist Trademark– Recently I was sent an email about a matter of church and state which seems to be going to a whole new level and should be quite alarming to us especially if we are Seventh Day Adventists who stand up for Christian liberty. The matter is in regards to the adventist trademark which was acquired by the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists
  • Gods Church is the Voice of God on the earth_The General Conference is not – The Church of God is Gods voice on earth but a manmade organization called the General Conference. An organization that has applied our good name to it’s hospitals killing babies by means of abortion, bringing others before the courts in trademark lawsuits, investing our tithe in warplanes and missile developing businesses that destroy millions.Miscellaneous

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