New Video – Sunday Laws in the Pipeline Part 4 – Climate Agenda – Bowing to the Sun god


This is the final part of a 4 part series regarding Sunday laws in the pipeline. In this final part we examine the climate agenda and how some of the current events and things that are happening not only leading to Sunday Laws, but some Sunday Laws have already been made. But further how these will lead to the final decree in Revelation 13 that those who refuse to take the mark of the beast should be killed.

The International Labour Organization as well as COMECE and the Bishops have made it clear what their agenda is. Quoting from a recent document published within the last few months we read:
“Reintegrate Sunday protection into EU law: Whereas EU citizens are increasingly faced with work on public holidays and Sundays, we recommend that the EU protects Sunday in a revised Working Time Directive as a collective day of rest.” (Page 34 of the Future of Work)

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Who is the Antichrist:

15. Who is the Antichrist

America in Prophecy:

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